The Famous Bareilly Jhumka

The Famous Bareilly Jhumka


Any Indian when hears the word Jhumka, automatically the song “Jhumka gira re Bairelly ke bazar mein” from the hindi movie “Mera Sayaa”(1966)  or the words “Jhumka Bairelly wala kano mein aisa dala” from the song “Kajra Mohabatwala” from the movie Kismat (1968) comes in their mind. But actually Jhumkas were not originated in Bairely. Disappointed!!!



Jewellery has been an ancient tradition of mankind right from the Jhumka is an ornament adorned by women in their ears. Studies say that this piece of jewellery was originally designed as part of costume for the Bharatnatayam dancers in the South Indian region in ancient years. Ladies looked so pretty wearing it that later it was worn by ladies during family functions like weddings or festivals across India. The beauty that it brings to the wearer has encouraged women and young girls to be used in along with their daily outfits.


Jhumka - Bairelly wala

Bareilly gets adorned with a massive jhumka installation (Photo: Twitter)

Though there is no connection between the city, Bareilly and the piece of jewellery, tourists visiting the city often asked for the jewellery in the market. The Bareilly Development Authority (BDA), decided to install a jhumka as an attraction for the tourists visiting the city. The Jhumka weighs 200 kg and is embedded with colourful stones and decorated with the city's famous zari embroidery.

Started as Gold ornament now Jhumkas come in various different variety, designed with Silk Threads, Small colourful beads, in hook or hoop or studded with stones or small pearls, in single color or multiple colors, etc.

Artisans with their creativity have picked up the art of jewellery making and have provided range of colourful and affordable Jhumka on Fleagora platform.

Our Fleagorian Partner, Swetha Yogesh and Ashwini Chaudhari has been making Jhumkas with varied design. Designs made with Silk thread, in single and multicolored, double layered Jhumkis, Jhumki covered with small beads and Jhumkis with metal studs or in hoops or in hook. There is no bound to their creativity and handcraft.

Beaded JhumkaJhumka with hookJhumka with Metal Studs