Clay Jewellery

Clay Jewellery

The history of jewellery making dates back centuries with evidence of a consistent presence since the earliest civilisations. Be it wooden or terracotta jewellery, man has always been fascinated by accessories that enhance beauty and personality. Starting as early as the Harappan civilisation, clay jewellery has gone through a lot of changes and competition, thanks to the constant addition of newer forms of jewellery.


It is an exotic form of ornamentation that adds a Bohemian look and can be teamed up with bright colored outfits.  The clay jewellery is hand painted in earthy hues – brown, grey, blue, green, pink and red – all adding a rustic touch to each jewellery piece.

With time, the world saw the emergence of gold, silver, bronze, copper, pearl, gemstone, and artificial jewellery. However, the rustic beauty and simplicity of the clay alternatives have always created a unique appeal and didn’t allow the art form to go obsolete.

Clay Jewellery can be adorned with various outfits and since it is more towards the nature, this material suits to most types of skin types, avoiding any known allergies.

Fleagorian, Mrudula Bhide a homemaker who has had an unwavering passion for art since her childhood. She’s always created different forms of art and presented them as gifts to family and friends. With loads of ideas and different ways to execute them, along with a little push from her well-wishers, she decided to turn this ardent love for art into a clay jewellery making activity. The process starts with making the air dry clay with her own hands which is then handcrafted into different decorative patterns. She believes that 'Art comes from the heart.’ It’s amazing the way these stylish pieces actually bring out glamour, yet embrace the simplicity. So dress up and flaunt these cute jewellery!

Fleagora has listed the beautiful clay jewellery such as Chain Pendants, Earring and set of Pendant and earring.