About Fleagora, the Artisanal Bazar

Fleagora, conceptualized in April 2019, is a brainchild of people passionate about technology and how it can be used in providing a platform for the artisans who are striving for a wider market. 

Fleagora comes from Flea Market, which is kind of a local artisan market place and Agora, which means meeting place. We blended the two and made a community or a platform where local artisans can be appreciated and make reasonable income out of it. The consumers too get a place where they find unique artefacts under one roof without getting out of their own roof.

The Fleagorians is a family of artisans or individuals who are involved in handmade artefacts from India. Either they themselves are making these artefacts or helping people who are making these artefacts. Our aim is to increase the family of Fleagorians and bring the artwork of India to the citizens of India  and promote Indian art worldwide. This is a small effort from us to give growth to the economy of India and help livelihood of Indian artisans.