Set of 2 Wallets

Set of 2 Wallets


Set of 2 Wallets, made of Cotton Khunn material.


Based in Mulund, Mumbai,  is a housewife who is trying her level best to be independent since last 6 years. She sells her products in Grahak Peth (local exhibitions) and to her family and friends. One of the first to join the FLEAGORA community, is very excited to bring the Khunn tradition to the world.

Set of 2 Wallets, made of Cotton Khunn material. Has compartments for credit cards, currency notes and zipper to keep coins, with a velcro at the inner side.

Dimensions for each Wallet :- L: 4", B: 5"

Khun, originally a blouse piece material comes in combinations of silk and cotton, polyester and cotton and artificial silk and cotton. There is no whereabout of its origin, but currently it is being weaved in a vibrant town of Northern Karnataka, named Guledgudda. This material is more than 200 years old and was earlier part of the wardrobes of the rich and royals of Maharashtra and parts of Karnataka. What makes Khun unique is that it is the only fabric which is primarily made only for saree blouses, hence the original width of the fabric is 31 inches, although now weavers have increased the width to one meter. Khun is moving away from the rich and famous to the common people that bring them a different aesthetics.

This elegant material has been used to make the product that provides a very traditional and graceful look. Also available in various colours and combination of border.

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