Information on how to place Bulk Orders

If you like a product and are interested in placing the order in bulk, i.e more than 5 items, please send an email to the following address -, with name of the product, quantity required and your contact number.

Our representative will call you to get more details and help you in processing the order.

Points to note for bulk orders:-

1. The delivery period will differ for bulk orders based on the quantity and product identified.

2. Some of the products are very unique and cannot be made in a similar manner repetitively. Thus not all products can be made in bulk. 

3. Since these are handmade products, there is bound to have minor differences in each item in the bulk order. 

We request you to consider the hard work and effort put in by the artisans, and kindly go through the Refund/Return/Cancellation policy before placing the order.

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