Deepa's Collection


Deepa is basically from Rajasthan and have spent her childhood in Jodhpur. After marriage she moved to Mumbai to stay with her husband and in-laws. Coming from a quite city like Jodhpur to a metropolitan city like Mumbai was a major cultural as well as social change.

Looking at the artefacts being sold in Mumbai, she was quick to identify the difference in the quality and took it as an opportunity to introduce hometown products to the big city. It was just by chance, that family friends were very happy to see the Rajasthani artefacts in her house and wanted those similar items for themselves to gift to their friends. This initiated the process of selling these artefacts to Mumbai clients. It is only through word of mouth, whatsapp groups and facebook friends that she would get the customers. But this process became very tiresome for her where she had to coordinate with 15 to 20 different people asking for various items. On top, she went thru a medical condition that made her discontinue this venture.

We approached her via one of her friends. And she was very happy to get connected and start all over with us. This time she had to coordinate just with one Customer and that is us, which was very comfortable as well as profitable. She can save her time and energy and also take care of her health.


Key holders, Pen Stands, Clock, Show pieces like Elephants, Musicians, Buddha statues, Wall frames, etc..