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Saanchi Arts



Mr. Achyut Bhosekar, was passionate about art and artefacts right from the start of his career. He has spent 32 years in the profession of Interior Designing. Along the way, he met many artisans across India and was impressed very much with the artefacts.

Exhausted with travelling, he quit his profession and moved to do something close to his heart. He contacted his acquaintances across India and proposed to have their products sold in the Metro city like Mumbai. The artisans readily agreed and were more than happy.

In 2012, Mr. Bhosekar opened a retail shop in Thane, where he showcases these beautiful artistic products and also presents hem in Exhibitions across the Mumbai city.

He visits the remote places of West Bengal, Karnataka and Orissa and handpicks the artefacts that are very artistically made with love and care. The identified product is then transported to Mumbai via Bus service. Each and every item being very delicate, utmost care is taken during transportation and packaging it while sending it to customers.

Mr. Bhosekar was looking to expand to electronic media for his business when we approached him and proposed to help him grow his business and in turn help the artisans to grow economically.


Terracotta items (pots, bowls, frames, clock,etc..), Wood work like miniature musical instruments, wall hanging, Fabric art like Applique, Wall hangings, Cloth Writing pads and Notepads, etc..