Asmita's Collections

Asmita's Collections


Based in Mumbai - 80, a housewife who is trying her level best to be independent and support her husband and family since last 6 years. She sells her products in Grahak Peth (local exhibitions) and to contacts from family and friends

Her products are different types of purses and hand bags made of Khun (Maharashtrian Blouse piece material) in Silk and Cotton. She has employed couple of ladies who sew the bags in the shape and size as designed by her. The festive seasons in India are the only time when she makes her business as only during that time the Grahak Peth are held. Recently she has diversified to Brocade, Mangalgiri Cotton and Warli print bags and purses. 

One of the first to join the FLEAGORA community is very excited, as it gives her quite wider customer base and can also keep engaged and provide employment to the ladies working with her throughout the year.


Khunn, Mangalgiri cotton, Brocade and Warli print cloth items, such as Wallets, Purses, Pouches, Bags, Serving Trays, Lamp shades, etc.