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Rajeshree Salunkhe, an Owner, Maker and Designer, with 4+ years of creative experience in developing handcrafted Beaded Jewelry and Accessories for Professionals, Fashion Designers, Fashion Lovers and Exceptional Customers seeking exclusively made unique creations.

She completed her studies in Jewellery Designing from SNDT College, Mumbai in 2014 and instead of working fulltime for a Jewellery shop, she thought of creating a place of her own in the field of Jewellery. Her thought was that Art in the form of paintings or artefacts are usually kept in one place in our home or offices. Why can’t we have a painting that can be carried along with us wherever we go? With this intention in mind she started to replicate small paintings in the form of jewellery. And she has been successful in achieving that dream.

Each one of her jewellery piece are inspired by a huge picture. Be it animals like Cat or Tiger, or bird like Peacock or Eagle, or God or Goddess like Ganesha or Devi, or just a Kathakali dancer face or a Tanjore bird or a Kalamkari painting. You give her any image and she can convert it into a beautiful piece of Jewellery.

She has achieved great awards and accolades for her unique and creative work in India as well as other Countries.  She was selected & got invited for participation in 2018 International Business Festival, Liverpool, UK  for She Trades Global event organized by International Trade Centre in 2018. The same year she won the Czech Beads Exclusive Reward Voucher for her design “3 Wise Pandas” in People’s Choice category held as Summer Contest.

She has the International Entrepreneurship Certification by United Nations & Empretec India Foundation.  She is a proud recipient of Best Women Entrepreneur award for the Year 2020 from Women Entrepreneur & Industrialists of Maharashtra (WIMA).

Other than making these beautiful and unique jewellery she loves, photography, singing and writes lovely poem.



Handmade Jewellery from small tiny beeds.  Long Earrings, Neck piece, Choker, Bracelets, etc..

Jewelleries are made to order from a picture. Picture can be based on a theme, such as Kathakali, Jungle, Birds, Seashore, Sunset, etc.. or a person’s profile picture or from a Sari color or border.

For custom orders email us at Contact@fleagora.com or DM us at any of the Social accounts or leave a message at +91-9821338451.

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