Bracelet with eight Rose Quartz natural stone beads in genuine Silver

Bracelet with eight Rose Quartz natural stone beads in genuine Silver


Bracelet with eight Rose Quartz natural stone beads in genuine Silver for Women


Very talented and with pleasing personality, Kavya Sawant was born in Uganda, East Africa. She has been creative with an inclination for doing something different right from her childhood. This showed in the her drawings and crafts. She has started her career in visual arts after recovering from a very critical ailment. She suffered from cerebral malaria and was in coma in Dec 2013 which had severely affected her brain functioning, for which she has undergone medical treatment and therapies for five long years and recovered completely. She was always into paper crafts, mainly origami from childhood. She designs and makes origami jewellery as well as jewellery with metals like copper, aluminium, silver and semi-precious stones.
The unique part of her creations is that each jewellery item is prepared with a purpose of bringing positivitity into the life of the person who wears it. There is a study and thought process while designing and making each piece of jewellery.

Rose quartz is a crystal of Venus, Goddess of love and beauty. It is a stone of universal love. Physiologically rose quartz is
considered a very powerful healing stone. It strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system and releases impurities from body fluids. Placed on the thymus it aids chest and lung problems. It heals the kidneys and adrenals and elevates
vertigo. It also helps in clearing the complexion.

Jewellery brought to you by Namukasa Creations. 

Each Namukasa creation is made with deep thought for ensuring that every user benefits from the properties of the materials used. While considering the positivity, happiness and beauty enhancement which it will bring to the user, the health benefits have also been considered with a touch of Spirituality. These hand-crafted items are meticulously made with carefully selected raw materials, positive thoughts, love and compassion. The purchaser shall be a proud owner of
these beautiful and unique creations. The reasonably priced creations are energised with spiritual energies before exhibiting them for sale.

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