Kutch embroidered clutch with Handle in Black

Kutch embroidered clutch with Handle in Black


Designer embroidery clutch in Black. Size: 9.5 X 4.5" Inches. It is classy and has a traditional look. It closes with a zip and has additional two zipped pocket inside and has embroidery on both the side.


Ashwini Karpe, is lady with a go getter attitude. Stays in the far suburbs of Mumbai, while her visit to Rajasthan, she was impressed with the artefacts made by the ladies there. Renuka collections is one her household business for reselling these products in Exhibitions and small Fairs near her locality. Fleagora has provided a online and wider market to these products. Glad to have her as fellow Fleagorian, giving a brighter flavor to the range of products already available. 

Designer embroidery clutch in Black Color. 

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