Black Terracotta Pot with Painting

Black Terracotta Pot with Painting


Black Terracotta Pot with Painting, Dimensions:- L: 5.5", B: 3", W: 3", Weight: 190gms


Having spent more than 32 years in Interior Designing, Mr. Achyut Bhosekar has been travelling to various parts of India in regards to work. This is how he was so much interested in the handicraft work in the villages of West Bengal, Karnataka and Orissa. Since 2012 onwards he has been helping the village artisans in showcasing their artefacts to the Metro cities and have ensured they are appreciated by the art loving customers.

This pot is made of Terracotta, common name for baked earth, by artisans in Karnataka.

Terracotta has been around for a long time. In fact, it was the only clay product used until around the 14th century. The clay is mostly found in the regions of South Kanara and the Malbar. 

Terracotta clay is easy to sculpt into all sorts of shapes. Once shaped, it’s heated to 1,000-2,000° F to harden. Then, a simple coat of glaze is applied to make terracotta watertight.

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