Mason Jar with Succulent

Mason Jar with Succulent


Indoor plant - Mason Jar with Succulent. AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN AND AROUND MUMBAI CITY ONLY.


Prajakta, a nature lover started Greenovia in 2018 out of a passion for gardening. She started with a purpose to create enviormental awareness and reconnect People with Nature through Terrariums. She helps people stay close to nature by bringing these lovely Terrariums into their living, working, learning and playing space. 

Indoor plant - Mason Jar with Succulent.


Succulent plants are easy to love. Their ease of care, sunny dispositions and moderate growth habits make them perfect for warm seasons outdoors or well lit interiors. Echeveria (Succulent in the picture) care is practically foolproof and grows well in either containers or toasty garden beds. The most important part of good Echeveria care is watering. The biggest issue with the succulents is overwatering. Provide moderate amounts of water in the hot, dry season. Let the soil dry out completely before you water again. It should be kept in dry environment and can be watered once in 2 weeks depending on the humidity of the environment.

Terrariums are the low-maintenance, space-saving and beautiful way of growing plants. Once you establish the terrariums, they do not need much care as inside terrarium the plants make their own ecosystem. By introducing terrariums to your home, you can give a natural touch to your interior décor that will bring in positive and soothing vibes. They can easily fit on a desk or table at home or in the office.
Terrariums have become a popular gifting choice among people. Be it any festival or occasion, people prefer to gift terrarium plants to their loved ones as a gift of greenery.
These plants will make an ideal gift for people who like gardening and love to beautify their house close to nature.

Order terrarium plants to gift your loved ones on festivals and special occasions to adorn the beauty of their house and promote the concept of green gifting.

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