Alcohol Based Perfumed Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Based Perfumed Hand Sanitizer


Alcohol Based Perfumed Hand Sanitizer with 200ml refill bottle and 10ml X 2 pocket Spray Sanitizers.


Jyoti started her home based business with manufacturing variety of soaps like Tulsi, Aloevera, Champhor, Rose, Lime, Uttan, Charcoal, Ashtagandha to suite different skin types and problems. She wants to increase her customer base so that many people get access to Organic, handmade products.

In this Pandemic times, it is mandatory for self protection at every time you step out of your house.

A pocket sized Hand Sanitizer plays a very important role in keep us away from harmful infections. 

A Family pack of a 200ml refill bottle of Perfumed Hand Sanitizer and 2 10 ml pocket sized spray sanitizers come handy while travelling, whether it is to a market or to your office. Spray bottles are re-usable. You can refill the small pocket bottles with liquid from the big one.

Once the refill bottle is over you can order for just the refill bottle.

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